Replace T8 Fluorescent Bulbs with LEDs

Due to government regulations you’ll have to replace your aging T8 fluorescent lamps with an LED equivalent. You’ll have to hire an electrician to replace your ballasts and buy inferior tubes from companies like Philips that are too dim.

That’s where we shine!

Much less power for the same lumens

Our unique, patented bulb is revolutionizing the industry. Our product allows you to replace T8 fluorescent bulbs with LEDs without changing or bypassing the ballast.

  • No wiring
  • No electrician
  • No bypassing the ballast
  • No fire insurance issues
  • 6-9W versus 32W
  • 80% reduction in power
  • Equal or greater lumens

Installs in seconds – no ballast change

Our bulbs literally install in seconds. You don’t need any other tools besides your hands¬†and a ladder.

Calculate your return on investment

What's your ROI?

Download our full T8 LED ROI calculator to find out how much you can save in electricity costs with our universal T8 LED bulb.
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