How T8 LED Technology Saves Your Business Money

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Learn how T8 LED technology saves your business money

Fluorescent lights have been a mainstay of offices, schools and facilities for several decades. Fluorescent lights are relatively easy to install and do not use as much energy as their incandescent counterparts. Despite their advantages, they also have certain problems that stem from their proper disposal which has created issues for the businesses and institutions which use them.

However, there is a new product that not only addresses the issues that traditional fluorescent bulbs have, but has certain new advantages that make them a great choice for virtually all offices, facilities and institutions. The T8 LED has proven to be a remarkable replacement for fluorescent bulbs because of their immediate and long term advantages.

What is the T8 LED Light?

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The T8 LED looks very much like a traditional long-tube fluorescent light bulb, complete with the well-known connections at each end. However, unlike fluorescent lights, the T8 consumes only 6-9 Watts of power and provides 80% energy-efficiency.

Normally, replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs would require a ballast change, starter change, or full fixture replacement. However, T8 LEDs are designed to work with the current system that fluorescent tubes use without any changes. This means that these lights can be installed immediately and without complications. Installation is literally as easy as changing a light bulb.

The Advantages of the T8 LED

There are several benefits that the T8 LED offers for businesses that are looking for long-term solutions to the issues that traditional fluorescent lights have with energy consumption, installation and disposal.


The light emitting diode (LED) is tough, durable and impact resistant which means that it can withstand the rigors of handling, installation and any normal impacts the bulb might take during use. The T8 LED is far less vulnerable to breakage than the rather fragile, and toxic, fluorescent bulbs.


Although fluorescent tubes do last for a considerable amount of time, the LED will last far longer. This means having to buy fewer replacement bulbs and less time spent installing or replacing the bulbs in your facility.

Low Energy Consumption

The T8 LED tubes are over 80% more energy efficient than their fluorescent counterparts. Combine this with their longevity and a typical business will recover their investment and start saving more money in 18 months on average depending on the size of their facility.

Quick Replacement

The T8 LED can be installed just as quickly as a standard fluorescent bulb without any re-wiring. This means that your business can quickly install the new lights in a fraction of the time it would take to convert the lighting system to traditional LED lights.

$55 billion in savings

It has been estimated that if all fluorescent bulbs were replaced by the T8 LED, it would result in a savings of $55 billion annually or the equivalent of the electricity generated by 210 mid-sized power plants.

Business profit is not only about income

Making a profit when running a business is not just about the money coming in, but how much you spend as well. The new T8 LED lights offer a simple, cost-efficient solution for companies, organizations and institutions to lower their energy, repair and replacement bills over the short and long term.

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