T8 LED Plug and Play Demonstration

Why do I need a LED T8 bulb?

T8 fluorescent bulbs last approximately 6,000 hours and uses around 32W of power. Our T8 LED bulb lasts 50,000 hours and use around 18W of power depending on the ballast. For an average brick and mortar store that means 15 years of service!

Do the math

   12 hours/day
x 22 work days/month
= 3,168 hours/year

Four minutes could save you thousands

Watch this T8 LED Plug and Play demonstration to see how our universal bulb can save you money.

Why is changing or bypassing the ballast bad?

As a result of the recent government legislation on T8 fluorescent bulbs, changing ballasts on your fluorescent light fixtures can be costly. Our T8 LED universal retrofit bulbs can work with existing fixtures so you don’t have to go through the expense of replacing your ballasts when you comply with new LED lighting requirements.

Same light, better color, less energy

Our product emits more light with less wattage and offers the same or better color temperature.

Your employees sit under harsh, flickering fluorescent lights all day. Energy-efficient LED lights will provide the same lumens, will use less electricity, and will incur less maintenance compared to their fluorescent counterpart. Our T8 LED ROI spreadsheet can’t calculate these “soft” benefits but they definitely translate to a higher profit margin and increased employee satisfaction.


Our T8 LED bulbs have been field tested, are better for your eyes, are environmentally friendly, and can save 75-80% on your electric bill.

LED lights use 85% less energy than standard, high-pressure sodium lamps, and 90% less than conventional incandescent lights. LEDs are solid state lamps that contain no filament or inert gas like you find in traditional fluorescent and sodium lighting.

Better for the environment

Our manufacturer offers literally Plug-and-Play LED tubes. With older lighting fixtures you not only use more wattage, but you have to find a way to environmentally dispose of the hazardous material because of the amount of mercury and other waste products in each bulb.

The life span of LED lighting is approximately 50,000 hours minimum, with loss of no more than 30 percent of luminous flux, and is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing lighting fixtures.

Case study

Our T8 LED bulbs have been field tested with BP Oil who used it on all their oil rigs and have had massive success. We are also working closely with drug store chains, restaurant conglomerates, aviation facilities, and convenience stores to supply them with our revolutionary LED T8 bulbs.

Calculate your return on investment

What's your ROI?

Download our full T8 LED ROI calculator to find out how much you can save in electricity costs with our universal T8 LED bulb.
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