Why T8 LED Bulbs are Superior to Fluorescent Bulbs

Board room table with fluorescent lights above

Lighting is important. Whether you’re choosing light bulbs for your house or your entire business, it’s vital that you are informed as to which type of bulb is the best to use. Choosing the best bulb can save you a lot of hassle and most importantly, save you money.

Most people choose fluorescent bulbs without thinking. After all, they’re just bulbs. What’s the difference?

As you will see in this article, there is a big difference between fluorescent bulbs and T8 LED bulbs. The difference is significant enough for us to highly recommend T8 LED bulbs over the fluorescent bulbs. In other words, T8 LED bulbs are superior to fluorescent bulbs and are worth purchasing. Here’s why:


Money talks. Most people see that fluorescent bulbs are cheaper than T8 LED bulbs and purchase the former without a thought. Not so fast! In the long-term, T8 LED bulbs are much more cost-efficient than other bulbs.

They use energy much more efficiently so energy costs are reduced every month. These savings can quickly add up, especially if you are using the bulbs for a large area such as an office. In fact, our bulbs are 80 percent more efficient than other bulbs. You get an excellent value for your money.

In addition, when you use T8 LED bulbs, you won’t have to use as much air conditioning. Less air conditioning = less money spent.


T8 LED bulbs last much longer than other bulbs. They often last years more than their competitors. As a result, you don’t have to switch them out as much. In addition, you save money because you don’t have to purchase new bulbs as often.

Superior Lighting

UV rays cause the infamous eye strain that is common in the workplace. LED bulbs do not give off UV rays. In addition to significantly reducing eye strain, the lighting in your office or home will illuminate colors and fabrics much better than traditionally lighting.

In addition, compared to traditional light bulbs, T8 LED bulbs provide up to 70 percent more light. They are a directional light source, so the light hits the target. When you use other light bulbs, only about 30 percent of the light hits the target. These bulbs also continue to emit life towards the end of their cycle – unlike traditional bulbs.

Better for the Environment

T8 LED bulbs don’t have mercury in them. As a result, they are much easier to recycle and won’t fill up landfills with poisonous mercury. When you switch from fluorescent bulbs to T8 LED bulbs, you are doing your part to help reduce pollution.

Switch to T8 LED Bulbs Now

As you have seen, LED bulbs have many benefits over traditional bulbs. Now that you know, there’s no excuse not to take action.

Consider purchasing these bulbs from our website. We are known for providing high-quality reasonable priced bulbs. When you choose our company, we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase.

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