3 Bright Reasons to move to T8 LED Replacements

Government regulation

Lighting efficiency regulations

The U.S. Government has passed a number of regulations for lighting efficiency with the help of the Department of Energy. After establishing the minimum efficiency standards back in 2005, they have mandated even more stringent numbers starting July 14th, 2014. As a result of these requirements, LED lighting, which have an extremely high lumen to efficiency ratio are being pushed to the forefront.

It is estimated that there are about 1 billion installed T8 fluorescent lights in the US. Changing them out to use LED lighting, even as a drop in replacement is a mammoth task, but an essential one. Here are 3 reasons why T8 LED replacements are better than fluorescent lighting:

  1. Cost – Typical LED lights are 30% to 40% more efficient than fluorescent lighting and our unique design is 80% more efficient. Even though LEDs currently cost more than equivalent fluorescent lights, the payback period due to energy savings is small. With a large number of people switching over to LED, economies of scale will bring down LED light pricing drastically.
  2. Life – LED lights currently last about 4 times more than fluorescent T8 lights. With more and more manufacturers getting into the market, longevity and reliability is bound to grow. A long life means less frequent replacements and savings on labor.
  3. Safety – LED lights do not contain harmful mercury. Disposal of mercury from landfills is a major problem since this harmful chemical can seep into the groundwater and into the human food chain.

It is clear that T8 LED replacements are lighting the way for a brighter and safer future.

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