Learn About T8 LEDs

What are they?

Our T8 LEDs are patented high performance tri-phosphor lights that offer maximum brightness and color rendering. They can be used on both instant and rapid start ballasts and are ideal for commercial/industrial application and signage/displays.

Why do I need T8 LEDs?

Looming government regulations have finally started to affect businesses using T8 fluorescent bulbs. These regulations specify that businesses need to properly dispose of and replace legacy fluorescent lamps.

How do they work?

Our manufacturer has developed a UL-approved T8 LED tube that can easily replace your existing T8 fluorescent tubes without re-wiring your fixtures, changing your ballasts, or hiring an electrician.

Will they emit the same amount of light?

Early LED replacement bulbs manufactured by other companies over-promised and under-delivered. They didn’t work in all fixtures and when they did they didn’t provide sufficient lighting.

Our bulbs have been proven to emit an equivalent amount of light when compared to fluorescent bulbs of the same size.

How long will they last?

Our bulbs will last 50,000 hours with normal use depending on the type of ballast – rapid vs. instant.

What do I need to install them?

You’ll need the following tools to replace your existing fluorescent bulbs with our T8 LEDs:

  1. Ladder
  2. Hands


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Read the T8 LED Specifications

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Bulbs are sold in boxes of 25 T8 LED tubes.

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