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How much money can a LED T8 bulb save you?

If the ROI for a typical office building is less than 1 year and the bulb will burn for 5 years then that’s an incredible long-term savings!

Let’s look at an example – Walmart

According to Wikipedia the average Walmart is 102,000 square feet. If they need 5,500 bulbs then they would save $186,864 in electricity costs per year by using LED T8 lights!

Constants: 5,500 bulbs running for 24 hours a day in a 102,000 square foot building.

Fluorescent Lights
Watts/bulb: 32W
kWh/month: 130,944
Monthly electric bill: $15,713
Annual electric bill: $188,556

LED Lights
Watts/bulb: 6W
kWh/month: 24,552
Monthly electric bill: $2,946
Annual electric bill: $35,352
Watts/bulb: -26W
kWh/month: -106,392
Monthly electric bill: -$12,767
Annual electric bill: -$153,204
Savings over 10 years: $1,532,044

What's your ROI?

Download our full T8 LED ROI calculator to find out how much you can save in electricity costs with our universal T8 LED bulb.
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